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Experience the

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Established name on the roads of Maastricht and surroundings

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Nearly 40 years ago, on the 8th of November 1982, Eddy founded his driving school.

8 years later, his daughter Monique joined the team as a driving instructor. After a long and successful career behind the wheel, Eddy handed over full control to Monique in 2007.


The driving school became a third generation family-ran business when Monique's daughter Tamara decided to join the company as an instructor in 2014.


Unfortunately Eddy is no longer with us to see that his personal approach and passion for the business still lives on. That is also the reason why we have opted to keep the name

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The instructors


Monqiue Coolen-Vonk


Tamara Tielemans-Coolen

Why drivingschool Eddy Vonk

Trial Lesson

Lessons from the age of 16

Lessons in English

Excellent pass rates

Fear of driving mentoring

Compact schedules

Experienced instructors

30 years experience

ADHD / Autism guidance

Expertise & personal 

Step by step methodical 

Fast-track course

What do students say about us


As a 17-year old student I took driving class with Eddy Vonk Driving School. The first couple of lessons we're very exciting and I was nervous. Luckily Monique immediately reassured me that everything was going to be fine. We immediately had a connection and I felt very comfortable with her. Her way of teaching was very pleasant. Whenever I committed small mistakes she did not immediately correct me but gave me the time to reflect and correct my error. These moments of self reflection ensure active learning and we're extremely useful.

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