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Monique Coolen-Vonk

My name is Monique Coolen-Vonk and I’m the owner of the Driving school Eddy Vonk. I started working for our family company in September 1990. I had completely different careerplans by the time but my father insisted that I joined the company. At the time more as a temporary solution for the time being. In the end, I am grateful up to this day that my father taught me the tips & tricks. The interaction with different types of people, the challenge of teaching them something new and customising your own vision to the benefit of the student. Everybody is different and that makes this profession so challenging and satisfying at the same time. And that my daughter chose to follow our steps is the icing on the cake to me.

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Tamara Tielemans-Coolen

My name is Tamara Tielemans-Coolen and I am the daughter of Monique. I obtained my driving instructor degree in 2014 and joined the family company. Just like my mother I had not expected that I would be doing this but now I can't even imagine doing something else for a living. Every class and every person is so different that every day feels completely fresh. You build a connection with everybody you instruct, young and old. I'm convinced that the students learn faster and better when they feel comfortable with the instructor and that is what I thrive for.

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